Female executive recruitment in the Netherlands: a personal approach

Female executive recruitment in the Netherlands

Female executive recruitment in the Netherlands: a personal approach

Female executive recruitment receives increasing attention within organisations in the Netherlands. Did you know that the share of female managers in the Netherlands (30%) is one of the lowest in the EU (CBS, 2021)? 

There’s still work to be done, but more and more companies are open to improving gender diversity in top positions. That’s where we come in. Femme Works finds the female talent you are looking for and we believe that a personal approach is key in finding the right match. 

In this blog post we explain what makes Femme Works’ approach personal when it comes to recruiting and selecting female executives: 

1. Search agent for female executives in the Netherlands: no post and pray

The recruiter’s profession is not always seen in a good light. This is unfortunate, but also understandable given the number of automated messages distributed by recruiters on platforms like LinkedIn when approaching female talent. 

As a search agent, Femme Works does not use fully automated messages in the recruitment of suitable candidates. This means that we approach people with taylor made messages what gives us a very high response rate on our message.  

2. The Women Behind The Resume: A Suiting Match for the long term

 At Femme Works, we think it’s important to really get to know the women we work with. In addition to the predetermined ‘hard skills’ just as much value is assigned to the ‘soft skills’. Think of character, ambition and personal skills. 

Our own experience shows that looking beyond a resume prevents people from quickly leaving a company again. We keep an eye on the bigger picture and consciously look for a suitable match for the long term.

3. In search of the DNA of a company 

“Thanks to Femme Works, I knew exactly what environment to expect at the office.” We regularly receive similar feedback from the women we work with. During the recruitment process, Femme Works wants to get to know the company from the inside.

To get acquainted with the so-called ‘DNA’ of an organization, we look beyond the website or the vacancy text. We prepare the candidate as good as possible for the company culture, type of management, the workplace environment and, yes, even how a building looks and feels like. This personal guidance is part of a successful mediation with us.

Are you looking for a female executive candidate for your company? Please contact us here.

4. Coaching female talent during the recruitment process

 At Femme Works, we have the knowledge and skills to take on a coaching role during the recruitment process. We take the preparations for interviews seriously and coach in all areas that a candidate may be unsure about. 

We also offer to coach in salary negotiation, so that the candidate earns what she really deserves. We offer female talent in top positions various opportunities for personal growth, so that they can get the best out of themselves. 

5. Dutch working culture: short lines and direct communication

Femme works is a small-scale executive recruitment agency. This means a lot of direct contact, short lines and great flexibility during the mediation process. We understand that both parties would like to know where they stand. 

Being from the Netherlands, we attach great importance to clear communication. We regularly provide updates about the progress of the recruitment process for your new female executive. We work with discretion and integrity, you can expect a high degree of transparency from us.

6. Female executive search: what we do, we do well

Femme Works has an extensive network and knows the companies and their work culture like no other. This allows us to quickly see whether the ideal match is available. We understand the complexity that the theme of gender diversity can cause in an organization. Thanks to our experience and expertise in the field, we are in a strong position. What we do, we do well. 

Because of our personal approach and unique concept, women like to join Femme Works and a successful match can be made between top women and top employers. Because both deserve the best. 

Are you looking for a female executive candidate for your company? Please contact us here.