Diversity is a choice

Femme Works connects highly-educated women with organizations that are open to increasing their diversity. It is often the case that, although employers want more women in higher positions, they don’t succeed in finding the right candidates. Why? In most cases, the specific needs of these candidates have not been taken into account. Such needs might include flexible hours, location-independent work, and generally offering more room for candidates to combine the job with a busy private life.

Femme Works is an Executive search agency with a focus on diversity, we mediate only female (executive) professionals. We are an active headhunter agency translating the story of the organization to the candidate. With this approach you will attract that female talent, also in male dominated branches.


Why Femme Works?

Looking for your dream job? Femme Works makes sure you meet the very best employers who are offering the right options for you.

Why we do it our way

Job flexibility is often the number 1 requirement for highly-educated women. Working independently of fixed times and locations can be essential when combining a busy work and private life. Femme Works takes care of it.

Why organizations choose Femme Works

Organizations may find it hard to find highly-educated women to fill key positions and yet they remain extremely interested in doing so. They know that the knowledge these candidates bring with them can be essential for their organization to grow.