Why organizations choose Femme Works

Diversity works

Research has shown that companies with a good mix of men and women:

✓ Perform better
✓ Achieve higher revenue
✓ Are stronger in terms of innovation and creativity


Gender diversity is a must for attracting and retaining staff.

“Gender parity is not just good for women – it’s good for societies.”

Angelica Fuentes, President Angelica Fuentes Foundation Mexico

Why we like to talk to your organization

A clear picture

Due to its years of experience in HR and recruitment, Femme Works knows the labour market well. Our network only consists of high-level female professionals who are guaranteed to deliver a substantive positive impact to any employer. These women have ambition and a healthy view on the flexibility of employment practice. We’re happy to get in touch with employers who realize that diversity works and who wish to become partners with Femme Works.

Customised mediation

We of course introduce you to candidates who fulfil your requirements in terms of background and personality. But we can also help you think about the process and provide recommendations regarding selection where necessary/requested. We aim for a successful result, which in our view doesn’t simply end with employment. We can also help with ongoing coaching and development.