Why you’ll go for Femme Works

A job you love

You’re ambitious, rise to any challenge and would like a high-level job BUT it has to be on your terms. You can easily combine a busy job with the life you lead, but not always within the customary office hours. You regard flexibility as an absolute must, and this doesn’t necessarily mean you want a part-time job. Femme Works exists to open doors at organizations who have realized the importance of diversity and understand that flexibility is a precondition for you to be able to work at a high level.

Why we do it our way

Concrete offering

Femme Works is an (executive) recruitment agency that likes clarity – for itself, for partner companies and certainly for you. That’s why we don’t mess around. We will only contact you when we see a strong match, a specific position that really fits your profile. As soon as we think you’ll be interested a position, we’ll reach out to you. You will need to be registered, of course!

First point of call for negotiations and development

You can count on Femme Works. In fact, we can actually do some of the counting for you! If you would like help negotiating your salary, we can do this for you. In this way we ensure that you earn what you really deserve. If you would like some support in being tougher in negotiating employment conditions, Femme Works can help you with this as well. We also offer various possibilities which will aid your career development. We’re not just there for you during your search for a job. Even if you have a job already, you can follow a coaching programme with us.

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.”