3 months down the road!

Time flies! Femme Works has been live for 3 months now and we remain as enthusiastic about our business today as we were back at the very beginning.
However…we must admit that starting a new company is just as tough as people say, and you really do need high levels of perseverance in order to succeed!
We truly believe in the strength and importance of our concept, to create more diversity in the workplace, but we have discovered that it is still necessary to convince some organisations of this.

For example, we have approached companies at the bottom of the Female Board of Index https://www.tias.edu/docs/default-source/Kennisartikelen/female-board-index-2018.pdf, many of whom still claim that their diversity is actually well established.
We have also spoken to companies that think diversity is a great idea, but it is not a topic that they want to actively tackle at this time.
Fortunately we also spoke to many fantastic companies that were open to change and to a future collaboration with Femme Works.
With all the research, articles, LinkedIn posts etc I have seen over the past year it still surprises me that people might not yet grasp that diversity is not simply an option, it is a necessity when running a successful business.

It has been great to experience the many positive reactions we have received from organisations and also from many female candidates – women for whom the Femme Works concept truly resonates, who also strive for diversity and would like to join our network.
It has been extremely valuable to hear stories from these women, but also sad to hear about those experiences which are unfortunately not always positive, experiences often relating to career progression, work projects and working abroad. It is clear that it is often still easier to push a man forward for more challenging roles.

There is still a long way to go when we look towards a healthy balance between man and woman in the workplace. In my opinion the finger should not simply be pointed at male management, women also need to challenge themselves to stand up more for their ideas and career ambitions.
In conclusion we are very happy that we were able to conclude the first partnerships with great organisations that are open to more diversity – organisations that aim for even 50% women in the workplace and want to take on this challenge with Femme Works.

Is your organisation also ready for more female talent, let us know!
We wish everyone a great 2019 with even more beautiful intentions to raise (gender) diversity to a higher level.

Femme Works