Will hiring a woman prolong the search process?

Will hiring a woman prolong the search process

Will hiring a woman prolong the search process?

´We prefer hiring a woman, but will hiring a woman prolong the search process?´ The question is asked by the head of HR from a tech multinational I´m in contact with. The company is aware of its gender gap and understands the benefits of a female leader on board. They are open to the idea of welcoming a woman into their leadership position.

However, something is holding back. The head of HR is hesitant to work with a search agency focused on female (executive) professionals, fearing that the search process will be prolonged. After all, there’s only ´half the pond´ to fish from, right?

Does it take longer to hire a woman? Not necessarily.

The above scenario is common and perfectly understandable from the organization’s point of view. At Femme Works it´s a concern we often encounter: Does it take longer to hire a woman? The short answer is: not necessarily.

Thanks to Femme Works’ operational methods, finding a suitable woman doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process. This is why: 

  • Personal approach:
    Our unique concept and personal approach cultivates a rich talent pool, that women want to be part of.

  • Extended network:
    Due to its years of experience in HR and recruitment, women know where to find us. As a result, we have built up an extensive database with high-level female professionals.

  • Excellence and efficiency:
    We take our job seriously. Our intake process is thorough so that we know exactly what we’re looking for, and we don’t waste precious time with unsuitable profiles. When we present candidates for the first time, these are often final profiles and ready to proceed directly to interviews. Close communication with the hiring manager is essential here.

  • Equal qualifications:
    By evaluating the essential ´soft skills´ required for the role, we encourage companies to reflect on their standards and expand their perspective.

  • Short lines, moving swiftly:
    One common misconception is that a specialized agency may slow down the recruitment process. Quite the opposite! Our small organization enables us to move swiftly, communicate efficiently, and frequently exceed expectations by filling vacancies faster.

  • Empowering culture:
    Our commitment to empowering women goes beyond the hiring process. We provide coaching and support to foster growth and help them realize their potential.


If your company has taken the step towards closing the gender gap, don’t hold back because you assume that hiring a woman will prolong the search process. Trust me, the talented and ambitious women you are seeking are out there, ready to make a positive impact on your organization.

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