Welcome to Femme Works!

We are happy to announce that Femme Works is live!

Following years of frustration working with organizations that were unable to recruit top-tier women, we at Femme Works decided to take matters into our own hands.

Femme Works represents a brand new approach! We stand for making sure there are more women in organizations; or rather, we stand for increased diversity. After all, a healthy balance between men and women is ultimately what leads to organizations achieving the best results.

Our approach may be new, but we already have extensive experience within HR, (executive) recruitment and professional coaching. We are keen to use this experience to enter into a dialogue with organizations that are striving for greater diversity.

Although employers would like to have more women in higher positions, they often don’t succeed in finding candidates. The reason? In most cases too little consideration is taken regarding the wishes and needs of potential candidates i.e. flexible working hours and/or flexible work location so there is more space to combine a job with a private life.
This situation needs to improve. And if Femme Works has its way, it will improve!

Femme Works connects top women with top employers. After all, both deserve the very best.
We are a sparring partner for organizations and an advisor for you as a professional.
We will connect you with employers who realize the importance of diversity and flexibility.
We can also assist you during salary negotiations and offer professional coaching that will help you to bring out the best in yourself.
Your experience and ambition are given the space to reach their full potential.

Would you like to know more and become part of our community?
Then please register at: www.femmeworks.nl/en/contact
You will receive regular updates and information regarding vacancies with companies that share our way of thinking.

We are excited to start the dialogue about more diversity on the work floor! We really hope that you will join us!

With best wishes,
Femme Works